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Global experience. Industry expertise.

Whatever your industry, location or jurisdiction, we promise you trustworthy and impartial analysis, expert opinion and incisive advice.

Many of the risks and uncertainties that businesses face today are shared across sectors. Others are specific to your markets. HKA’s expertise spans both – legal and technical, commercial and industrial, and thus, a broad sweep of the most complex and business-critical disputes and conflicts.

Clarity is the key to effective action and your best possible outcome. From overrunning capital projects to bankruptcies and fraud, and commercial disagreements to insurance claims and technological failures – we decode complexity to provide that clarity.

As a world leader in risk mitigation, dispute resolution and litigation support, HKA draws on more than 40 years of history, and a strong presence in every continent. No other firm can deploy such depth and breadth of expertise.

HKA experts are leading lights in fields such as project disruption and delay analysis, forensic accounting, commercial damages, and asset valuation. Our global pool of expert witnesses and advisers is multi-disciplinary, with practical experience of every major industry.

As well as authorities on buildings, construction, engineering and infrastructure, our team of forensic technical specialists includes problem-solvers who have worked in aviation, rail, marine, energy, utilities, manufacturing, technology and telecoms, IT, data analytics, healthcare, and ESG (environment, social and governance), among other sectors.

Our people have conducted investigations in more than 100 countries and testified before courts in all major jurisdictions and international dispute forums. Highly rated in independent professional rankings, we are trusted by government agencies, local authorities, contractors, legal firms and other professional service providers, as well as owners and operators, financial institutions and insurers.


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