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Amid the climate crisis and depletion of natural capital, energy and natural resources are in the vanguard of the transition to a low-carbon society and circular economy.

Navigating transformative change on the journey toward sustainability, companies in the sector are being buffeted from multiple directions. Technological, regulatory, and market pressures are compounded by the rising costs of inputs and capital, sharp fluctuations in commodity prices, and supply chain disruption.

Investment in renewable sources of energy is surging, though rising emissions risk pushing carbon neutrality beyond the widely recognised 2050 deadline. The transition also depends on a massive overhaul of grids, transmission networks, and other infrastructure, while ramping up storage and harnessing emerging technologies. Meanwhile, as oil and gas companies diversify, energy-hungry developing countries will continue to rely on fossil fuel power plants into the medium term.

For the resources sector, from agriculture to minerals to timber, the onus is on optimising processes – not least, through digitalisation – minimising waste, and managing ESG (environmental, social and governance) risks and responsibilities.

Though this operating environment is becoming ever-more complex, the opportunities for those who can rise to the challenges are immense.

Our Energy and Natural Resources expert, consulting and advisory services

At HKA, we have the expertise to help you manage critical business risks by decoding the complexity inherent in commercial disputes, capital projects, and technical or technological failures.

Commercial Damages & Valuation

When the value of assets or losses is contested, a clear understanding of dispute dynamics and incisive analysis is crucial to protect your interests. HKA energy experts, consultants and advisors are renowned for their decisive contribution to successful awards and settlements. We provide robust calculations of economic damages and asset values – and testimony, where required. Our teams deal with a variety of disputes, involving joint ventures, shareholders, post-acquisition/merger, insurance claims and intellectual property (IP).

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

We help counsel and clients navigate the best course through cases of alleged fraud, misappropriations, bankruptcies, sanctions and other regulatory violations. HKA forensic accountants and investigators have a track record of providing sound actionable advice, managing to disentangle even the most complicated cases to identify potential avenues for recovery.

Forensic Technical Services

Our global team of specialists provide expert technical reports and witness services to many sectors, including energy and natural resources. HKA’s multidisciplinary expertise ranges from electrical and structural engineering to boilers, turbines and pipelines; seismology and metallurgy to environmental consultancy. Supporting specialisms include environmental science, regulatory compliance, land remediation, climate performance, ecology, waste and contaminated land.

Capital Projects

HKA is a trusted source of incisive support at critical stages in asset development and investment lifecycles. Our advisory services help clients to set up projects and programmes to succeed. This and our other work is informed by real-world analysis of what goes wrong on energy and resources projects. Our highly experienced teams also provide claims management, delay & disruption analysis, and engineering & construction quantum services.

Our Energy and Natural Resources experts

HKA energy experts, expert witnesses, consultants and advisors have been involved in a wide variety of disputes across the energy and natural resources sectors worldwide.

We are a world leader in risk mitigation and dispute resolution. Five years running Construction Expert Witness Firm of the Year, we are highly rated in both the Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Arbitration Analysis and the Global Arbitration Review – and also the largest accredited corporate provider of expert services with the Academy of Experts.

Our experts have testified on every continent before courts, arbitration tribunals and regulatory boards, and various international forums.

Given the breadth and depth of HKA expertise, we can deploy the talent required, whatever your location, language, jurisdiction, or forum.


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