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Environment and climate change management and adaptation is not only an industry in its own right, but also a business imperative across every sector. Unsustainable global heating and resource depletion pose immense challenges in each sphere of economic life and society in both developed and developing countries.

Companies and professionals in the field and every organisation making the transition to carbon neutrality and the circular economy – with or without their guidance and support – face unprecedented challenges to decarbonise and use resources sustainably.

The pace of innovation is impressive. ClimateTech start-ups are developing ingenious solutions and attracting significant venture capital and partners. Industrial and manufacturing companies are re-engineering processes, electrifying production and transport, and exploring other alternative fuels. New business models based on circular re-use of materials and waste are emerging.

Amid rapid change and uncertainty risks abound – stranded assets, regulatory penalties, reputational damage, costly and/or unviable technological transformation, loss of competitive advantage, lack of resilience, and potential liability for failures to withstand extreme weather events.

Our Environment and Climate Change expert, consulting and advisory services

Lawyers and clients around the world trust HKA to anticipate and mitigate risk, investigate and resolve disputes, and support litigation.

From environmental, social and governance (ESG) to technical and commercial conflicts in every major industry and jurisdiction, we can deploy leading experts and multi-disciplinary teams to decode the most complex cases.

Our environment experts, consultants and advisors have helped clients resolve complex claims and disputes in a variety of difficult circumstances from supporting disaster recovery by an oil refinery after a devastating hurricane to a utility’s serious gas leak. HKA’s capability to provide expertise that spans the commercial, legal and technical spheres is unmatched.

Commercial Damages & Valuation

Our environment expert,consultants and advisors prepare the robust assessments of losses and asset valuations – including intellectual capital – that underpin successful awards and insurance claims. We liaise with loss adjusters and support settlement negotiations, and act in a wide variety of disputes, including joint ventures, shareholder interests, and acquisitions and mergers, providing testimony where required.

Forensic Technical Services

HKA employs specialists who are leaders in their fields, such as energy or IT, industrial or infrastructure, and many others essential for clients dealing with the challenges of environmental management and climate change. These experts are focused on issues ranging from contaminated land and emerging contaminants, flooding and impact assessment, to pollution and regulatory issues; from ESG and product stewardship to wildlife protection and biodiversity.

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

Our forensic accountants and investigators help counsel and clients navigate an optimal course through cases, however complex, involving regulatory violations, alleged fraud and misappropriations, and bankruptcies. Again, HKA’s reputation is founded on our track record of decoding complexity to provide sound advice or testimony that stands up to the scrutiny of the courts and other dispute forums.

The breadth and depth of our expertise means we can deploy multi-disciplinary teams in which these experts work alongside colleagues specialising in Disruption & Delay Analysis, Claims Management, Engineering & Construction Quantum and Government Contracts.

Our Environment and Climate Change experts

HKA experts have investigated, resolved disputes and testified on every continent before courts, arbitration tribunals, regulatory boards and various international forums.

As a world leader in risk mitigation and dispute resolution, we are highly ranked in the Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Arbitration Analysis and the Global Arbitration Review. Our firm is also the largest corporate provider of expert services accredited with the Academy of Experts.

We have the capacity to deploy the expert talent you require, whatever the country, language, jurisdiction, or forum, and mobilise international teams, where needed.


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