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The industry that makes the essential materials, components and goods for every other sector of the economy is now grappling with the challenge of re-making itself.

From supply chains to the energy and technologies used in handling, production and logistics, fundamental changes are required of industrial and manufacturing companies.

The impact of the pandemic was particularly severe on manufacturing supply chains. Shortages of key components and higher costs have since been exacerbated by inflation, and spikes in shipping and fuel costs. Sourcing bottlenecks and backlogs in global logistics persist.

Disruption from economic forces, geopolitical tensions, civil or labour strife is a risk, and rising for force majeure events, as seen in COVID-19 and extreme weather events on every continent. Attempts to diversify and shorten extended supply chains offer some mitigation.

Industry 4.0 technologies promise smarter and more efficient operations. Despite the worsened economic outlook, more than six out of 10 manufacturers worldwide planned to increase their use of cloud computing in the five years from 2023, and half would invest in artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet of Things and automation.

If the sector can attract the necessary tech-savvy talent, advanced design and manufacturing technologies – from 3D printing to digital twins – may also aid sustainability. This no less daunting challenge demands a wholesale switchover to renewables-driven electricity across manufacturing, even as hydrogen and alternative power sources are developed and scaled for heavy industry.

The rolling industrial revolution also promises unprecedented innovation in materials, resource management and business models.

Our Production and Manufacturing services

In such an environment characterised by immense change, uncertainty and collaboration, the capability to manage risk and resolve disputes is crucial. As a world leader in risk mitigation and dispute resolution, HKA can help decode the complexity inherent in commercial disputes, capital projects, and technical or technological failures.

Commercial Damages & Valuation

Our consultants are renowned for robust assessments of economic damages and asset values – and testimony – that underpin awards and settlements. Across industry, manufacturing and other sectors, we handle a wide variety of disputes, involving joint ventures, shareholder interests, post-acquisition/merger, intellectual property (IP), and insurance claims.

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

From financial irregularities to regulatory violations, our forensic accountants have proven investigative skills and international experience in the most complex cases. HKA helps you maximise recovery in cases of corporate fraud, misappropriations and bankruptcy. Our thorough and transparent investigations command the trust of insurers and regulators.

Forensic Technical Services

HKA can draw on a global talent pool of technical specialists to provide the expertise and insight demanded by commissions across manufacturing and industry. Our multidisciplinary teams include chemical and process engineers, mechanical and electrical, IT infrastructure specialists, metallurgists, environmental scientists and land contamination experts. We can support with all stages of a case or dispute, including expert witness testimony.

Depending on the nature of the assignment, our teams draw on the complementary expertise of colleagues dedicated to Disruption & Delay Analysis, Engineering & Construction Quantum, Claims Management and Government Contracts.

Our Production and Manufacturing experts

As an independent firm with a global reach, we can deploy an expert or a multidisciplinary team to match the brief for most disputes in industry and manufacturing – and your language, jurisdiction or forum. We have testified across Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific before courts, arbitration tribunals and regulatory boards, and various international forums.

Consistently ranked among the world’s foremost firms by Who’s Who Legal (WWL), we are also the largest accredited corporate provider of expert services with the Academy of Experts, and ranked second in the Global Arbitration Review GAR 100 Expert Witness Power Index 2024.


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